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The Rhonda Shear Social Distance Social Hour is all about catching up with friends, fans, and fabulous characters from throughout Rhonda’s career. Each week she invites guests from all walks to join in some levity and nostalgia by playing games, sharing talents, and just chatting about life. You will hear from celebs, comedians, actors, designers, musicians, and so much more!

Love Goddess, Judy Tenuta shares Hollywood stories with Rhonda and Grace Fraga stops by + Professor Cocktail make an interesting drink!

The Rhonda Shear Social Hour welcomes famed Director Matt Cimber, original GLOW girl Jeanne “Hollywood” Basone, and comedian Charisse Savarin!

The Rhonda Shear Social Hour welcomes impressions queen Bethany Owen, Comedian Grace Fraga, and TikTok star Ella Grace! Plus, Professor Cocktail and Beverly stop in! 

Happy Halloween from the Rhonda Shear Social Hour! Check out past sketches, amazing music, and hilarious Rhonvira moments in this Halloween special!

Watch this SPECIAL Pre-Party episode with Rhonda’s good friend Kate Linder from The Young & The Restless. They talk Hollywood, bringing comedy to characters, and Kate’s incredible support of LA’s ALS walk. Did you know Kate has a star on the Walk of Fame but STILL works as an airline flight attendant while continuing her role on the soap for decades?

Join Rhonda with Comedians Howie Nave and Eddie Brill! These guys talk about being comedians who book comedians. Eddie was a booker for Letterman and Howie has his own club. Great show for comedy lovers looking for some behind the scenes scoop!

Join Rhonda Shear for a night of 90’s BOMBSHELLS! Rhonda chats comedy, acting, and being cast as a dumb blonde with Lydia Cornell & Judy Landers! 

Join Rhonda Shear, author Dave Schwensen, makeup artist to the stars Teri Groves, and 13 time Emmy Winner George Ciccarone! 

Tonight’s show features the hilarious duo of Jason Stuart and Mitch Hara talking about their new Amazon show “Smothered”. And if that’s not enough for you, Rhonda shows a clip of Jason throwing a pie … at her cleavage!

Featuring a behind the scenes peek at Rhonda’s house and an interview with the hilarious Diana Jordan!

Featuring Billy riback, Jann Karam, & Downtown Julie Brown

Tonight on the Rhonda Shear Social Hour we welcome Home Improvement writer/producer Billy Riback, comedian/artist Jann Karam, and MTV’s Downtown Julie Brown (now with audio!). Plus,  Professor Cocktail teaches us about life… and drinks! 

Featuring Shelley Michelle and Grace Fraga

Tonight on the Rhonda Shear Social Hour we welcome body double beauty Shelley Michelle, comedian Grace Fraga PLUS Beverly Center talks hats on Derby Day and Professor Cocktail whips us something delicious!

Featuring the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling (GLOW)!

Join Jeanne Basone, “Hollywood”, Jody Haselbarth, “Tulsa”, Dana Howard, “Thunderbolt”, Annette Marroquin, “Jungle Woman, and April Hom, “The Royal Hawaiian” as they talk GLOW, the Netflix show, and what they are all up to now! 

Featuring Jim Wynorski, Becky LeBeau, Lisa London, & Jackie “The Joke Man” Martling!

Rhonda chats B-movies with the gals and jokes around with The Joke Man on this episode of the Rhonda Shear Social Hour.

Featuring Richard Gabai and Jackie Kallen!

Tonight on the Social Hour we welcome Emmy Winning Director/Producer Richard Gabai and the inspirational and iconic “First Lady of Boxing”, Jackie Kallen! 

Richard Gabai: @richardgabai,

Jackie Kallen: @jackiekallen,

Featuring Bill Boggs, Beverly Center, Professor Cocktail, and Playmate Jeni Summers

Author Bill Boggs talks about Spike the Wonder Dog, Beverly makes hot soup, Professor Cocktail teaches us how much vodka we need to watch the show, and Playboy’s gorgeous bunny-mama Jeni Summers talks about life in Mexico! Find them here:

Bill Boggs: @spikethewonderdog,

Jeni Summers: @jenisummers

Featuring Bouvier, Beverly Center, Arse Butterworth, and Jay Hewlett

Beverly turns up the heat in the kitchen for Arse, Bouvier talks about her new film, and Rhonda smooshes a banana with her feet…

Featuring Zydeco legend Rockin’ Dopsie Jr., Jim Katz, and Hollywood Madame Babydol

This episode features the music of Rockin Dopsie Jr., The Carney Awards’ Jim Katz, and some Hollywood scoop from Madame turned designer Babydol. Find them here:

Rockin’ Dopsie Jr. : @rockindopsiejrfanpage,

Jim Katz: @jimkatz,


Featuring Marty Byk, Lou Chagaris, Kac Young, Kira Reed Lorsch, & Joe Bob Briggs

Marty, Lou, and Kac were all producer/directors on USA: Up All Night with Rhonda and share a little about working with Rhonda and what they are up to now! Emmy winning Kira Reed Lorsch joins the show and Horror Host Extraordinaire, Joe Bob Briggs calls in! Here is info for this week’s guests; we encourage you to like and follow!

Marty Byk: @martybyk,

Lou Chagaris: @louchagaris

Kac Young:

Kira Reed Lorsch: @kirareedlorsch,

Joe Bob Briggs: @therealjoebob, @joebobbriggs,

Featuring Don Most, Tanea “Rebel” Brooks, & Mark Simone

Guests on the show include Don Most, who you may know as Ralph Malph on Happy Days, wrestler Tanea “Rebel” Brooks, and radio personality Mark Simone. Here is where you can find our fabulous guests:

Don Most: @Most_Don,

Tanea “Rebel” Brooks: @rebeltanea

Mark Simone: @marksimoneny,

Featuring Sharon Needles & Beverly Feldman

This show features Ru Paul’s Drag Race winner, talented musician, and LBGTQ icon Sharon Needles, and legendary shoe designer Beverly Feldman joining us from Spain. Find out fabulous guests here:

Sharon Needles: @sharon_needles,

Beverly Feldman: @beverlyfeldman,

Featuring Gilbert Gottfried, Traci Bingham, & Linnea Quigley

This show features my wonderful friend and talented comedian Gilbert Gottfried, the gorgeous Traci Bingham from Baywatch, and queen of the scream queens and frequent guest on Up All Night, Linnea Quigley! Follow our amazing guests here:

Gilbert Gottfried: @realgilbert, @realgilbertgottfried

Traci Bingham: @tracibingham, @tracibingham1

Linnea Quigley: @linneaquigley,

Featuring Anthony Sullivan, Lori Spaulding Lopez, & Jay Adams

This show includes an interview with Pitchman turned Pot farmer, Anthony Sullivan, Florida All Retriever Rescue (FARR) owner Lori Spaulding Lopez talks rescue during a pandemic, and United Fight Alliance’s Jordan Jay Adams. Here’s where to find them:

Anthony Sullivan: @montkush

Lori Spaulding Lopez: @floridaallretrieverrescue

Jordan Jay Adams: @jordanjayadams,

Featuring Adrena Austin, Dan Myrick, Martin Brown, Jay Hewlett, & Gene May

This show features Radio Host and Covid survivor Adrena Austin, Blair Witch Project Director Dan Myrick, and Damage Control Comedy Group members Martin Brown, Jay Hewlett, and Gene May. Learn more about our guests by following them today:

Adrena Austin: @adrenaonair, @ourstories, @girlpowercountryhour

Dan Myrick: @danielrmyrick, @powerstationstudio

Damage Control Comedy: @damagecontrolcomedy

Featuring Vicki Barbolak, Joe Davison, Erika Flaskamp

This show features AGT’s Trailer Nasty and dear friend Vicki Barbolak, Producer/Director and Stranger Things actor Joe Davison, and singer/songwriter Erika Flaskamp! Check them out here:

Vicki Barbolak:

Erika Flaskamp:,

Joe Davison: @joeygigglepants,

Featuring Marc “Skippy” Price, Bruce Smirnoff, Carol Connors, Steven Anderson, Ludo Vika

This show features Marc “Skippy” Price from Family Ties, comedian Bruce Smirnoff, singer/songwriter of Rocky fame Carol Connors, stylist to the stars Steven Anderson, and dancer/comedian the beautiful Ludo Vika. Find them here:

Marc Price: @marcpricenow, @marcskippyprice

Bruce Smirnoff:

Carol Connors:

Steven Anderson:,, @ashtonandersonbeauty

Ludo Vika: @ludovika

Featuring Regina Marlow, Emilie Beining, Lance Montalto, Joe Esposito, Erika Flaskamp

This show features Rhonda’s HSN models Regina and Emilie, comedian Lance Montalto, musician Joe Esposito, and singer/songwriter Erika Flaskamp. Find their information here:

Regina Marlow: @regina.marlow

Emilie Beining: @emiliebeining

Lance Montalto: @lancemontalto

Joe Esposito:

Erika Flaskamp: Find Erika on Spotify!