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Getting Social in a time of social distance…

The Rhonda Shear (Social Distance) Social Hour was started as a way to find connection in quarantine after the emergence of Covid19 in Florida. Actress turned international lingerie Mogul, Rhonda Shear, found that life in self-isolation had left her with extra time on her hands for the first time in a long time. Sure, she was Skyping in to TV Shopping appearances, Zooming for wine night with friends, and doing just the smallest amount of online shopping… but still something was missing. Then it hit her! What better time to revisit her first love, staying UP All Night and hosting comedians, actors, musicians, and talent from around the world than a complete lockdown? 

The Rhonda Shear Social Hour was born! Rhonda reached out to her friends and fans from every stage of her varied career path and what began as a catch-up chat with friends quickly turned into something more. Apparently, Rhonda wasn’t the only one looking for a way to spend Saturday night at home. Within a few short weeks, and while overcoming the challenges of remote live streaming, the Rhonda Shear Social Hour quickly gained thousands of viewers and agents started calling about bringing their clients on the show. 

Guests on the Social Distance Social Hour range from well-known comedians like Vicki Barbolak and Gilbert Gottfried to 90s nostalgia stirring guests like B-Queen Linnea Quigley and Baywatch’s Traci Bingham. Rhonda has invited Playboy Playmates, Emmy winners, fashion icons, musicians, models, wrestlers, activists, film directors, authors, drag queens and so many more hilarious and talented people to the show. Plus, there is always the chance of a special appearance from one of her 5 rescue Chihuahuas!

Tune in every Saturday at 9PM EST on the Rhonda Shear Fan Page on Facebook, Rhonda Shear TV on YouTube, @RhondaShear on Twitter or right here at RhondaShearSocialHour.com to catch the show live or re-watch previous shows anytime! Thanks for your interest in the Rhonda Shear Social Hour, we are having so much fun interacting with fans, catching up with friends, and meeting stunning new talent… all without leaving the house!

As we all work through the challenges of this crazy year, we hope taking an hour to chat with Rhonda brings a smile and a little light to all our viewers. Your HAIR looks fabulous!


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